My Father's War

Workshops and Residencies

The creative expression workshops, for which the performance and discussion act as a jumping-off point, help participants open up about their personal experiences and insights – acknowledgments to themselves as well as others.  They heal unseen wounds and share new understandings as they create and share short poems, slams, essays, songs, or begin their own memoirs.

We also use visual arts activities like mapping, self-portraits, and collages, as well as movement strategies, individually and in groups, to move this exploration through the arts forward. Before-and-after surveys, as well as *Process-Portfolios provide documentation and self-evaluation for participants, as well as research data for the field. 

The workshops and residencies are for veterans of all ages, their families (from middle-school age and up), and communities.  Please Note: We will perform for and work with children under 12 only with the family’s permission and, preferably, accompaniment. We do rain fire from the skies and engage in explicit, violent combat….


Robert Kiefer and Carol Ponder are brilliant performers who simply awe any crowd who experiences their heartfelt, original production of a veteran’s combat story. The workshops they conducted after their performances here helped audience members express their own feelings about war. Laure Quinlivan, Heroes Fund Board Member, Cincinnati, OH


A short poem and anonymous quotes from workshops:


waiting, just waiting                                   

is dad coming home                 

how is he doing                       

when will my loved one return  



“Helped me to understand what [my father] may have been feeling and the PTSD that he endured….”

“War is inn the battlefields and at home!!”

“War changes you. The memories are always with you and no matter how many therapists you talk to they never end.”

“God forgave Herschel for killing for his country – I pray he forgave himself.”


* “Process-Portfolios” are a tool for personal exploration; research and documentation; learning and reflection; self-assessment and outside assessment; and program evaluation. They were developed at the Leonard Bernstein Center for Education through the Arts in Nashville, TN during the mid-1990s, As one of the first three original Artistic Directors of the Bernstein Center, Carol was also the leader in developing Process-Portfolios as a multi-faceted tool.

My Father's War


To be a catalyst for healing for veterans of all ages with their families and communities: To raise awareness in all audiences of what we ask from those who serve.


Through performances of the highest      quality, post-show discussions, creative workshops, and residencies;  to honor and support our veterans and to help our communities process the social and cultural effects of war with integrity, in an honest and responsible manner.

  Lt. Herschel Ponder 

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