My Father's War


To be a catalyst for healing for veterans of all ages with their families and communities: To raise awareness in all audiences of what we ask from those who serve.


Through performances of the highest      quality, post-show discussions, creative workshops, and residencies;  to honor and support our veterans and to help our communities process the social and cultural effects of war with integrity, in an honest and responsible manner.

  Lt. Herschel Ponder 

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We choose not to let money get in the way of our mission. We donate all services to veterans whenever and wherever possible including Veterans organizations of all kinds. In order to make My Father's War affordable for the most people, we ask you to consider making a tax-deductible donation of ANY size by going to: 

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My Father's War

Discussions after the Performances

The discussions immediately after the performance are humbling and sometimes breathtaking.  They are where we learned, from the beginning, that My Fathers War  was such a catalyst for healing.  We’ve heard veterans 20 years old and 90 years old speak of their own war experiences for the first time in these very public personal statements, questions, and observations.  So far, the performance has worked across demographics – male/female, races and ethnicities, financial states, spiritual beliefs, and probably more.


The moment was raw, powerful: A young soldier on the verge of deployment sat nearby while a seasoned veteran, one of the last to fly over Hiroshima after the 1945 dropping of the atomic bomb, pounded his walker on the floor, bemoaning why we’d never learned.  It would have been striking on stage. But it didn’t happen as part of a performance; it took place during an audience discussion….   Fiona Soltes: Nashville Tennessean


Wow! What an awe-inspiring performance!  My Father’s War was one of the more memorable performances at the Alvin C. York VA Medical center in recent years. The post-show discussions were equally as amazing…If you serve in a State Veterans Home, VA Medical Center, or you provide care for Veterans, My Father’s War is a must see!  Reinaldo Roman: Voluntary Service Specialist, Tennessee Valley Healthcare System


 The people who attended My Father’s War felt that it helped them discover feelings inside themselves that had lain dormant, or had been suppressed, for years. During the discussion after the presentation, tears and laughter combined in a melting pot that resonated positively to all there.    Donald J. Hoffman, Heroes Fund, Ohio