My Father's War


To be a catalyst for healing for veterans of all ages with their families and communities: To raise awareness in all audiences of what we ask from those who serve.


Through performances of the highest      quality, post-show discussions, creative workshops, and residencies;  to honor and support our veterans and to help our communities process the social and cultural effects of war with integrity, in an honest and responsible manner.

  Lt. Herschel Ponder 

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We choose not to let money get in the way of our mission. We donate all services to veterans whenever and wherever possible including Veterans organizations of all kinds. In order to make My Father's War affordable for the most people, we ask you to consider making a tax-deductible donation of ANY size by going to: 

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My Father's War

Bringing History to Life


We have discovered that My Father’s War, a primary historical document, brings history to life and provokes empathy for the human condition in students from middle school through colleges/universities, and for life-long learners. It is appropriate for classes in English Language Arts, History, Psychology, and Sociology as well as Theater, Music, and Dance. It also provides a perfect opportunity for project collaboration and planning among teachers or professors.

My students and I were thrilled…. We were treated to a riveting performance…. Carol and Robert captivated our young audience with their authenticity and their palpable commitment to the art of live theatre. They brought history to life and prompted young minds to contemplate the immense toll war takes on those who serve. They delivered workshops, each lesson carefully crafted to meet the needs of the target audience….  I saw more growth in some of my theatre students in those two days than I had seen all year….  Sally White, Teacher of English 10 and Theatre Arts Central High School, Chattanooga, TN


My Father's War brought the reality of war to life for our students.  The story itself is beguiling, the performers are remarkably on point, and then the magic happens.  The show rises above mere performance and begins to heal hidden wounds in each member of the audience.  Our students, parents and guests loved it!   And the students really loved having an actors' workshop afterwards!  Dr. Henry G. Selby, Head of School, Richard Winn Academy, Winnsboro, SC


I thoroughly enjoyed watching Ms. Ponder teach in my Focus class. She compared and contrasted My Father's War with Hatchet, a middle school text, thus relating MFW to our curriculum. She was able to bring MFW to a middle school level where the students could relate and appreciate the rich heritage and history of the text.  She also engaged the students in slam poetry relating to MFW. The 6th graders were awe-struck when they realized how attainable a finished product is even with a subject that advanced.  I would welcome the Ponder's back to campus and especially my classroom anytime. She left us all wishing she would come back! We wanted moreTabetha Sullens, Middle School Head, Focus 6 Teacher, The Webb School, Bell Buckle, TN